The largest participants in the trade marketing market have united in the Association

For the first time in the entire existence of modern retail in Russia, representatives of brands, retail chains and agencies providing services in the trade marketing field united to work together in an industry association. On October 14, the first meeting of the Trade Marketing Association (ATM) took place - the first among associations close to marketing, to create a positive shopping experience.

The Association has the following tasks:

  • creation of standards of activity in the field of trade marketing;
  • development of fair and transparent business practices;
  • building effective processes of interaction between agencies, brands and retail;
  • representing the interests of market participants before government authorities;
  • conducting annual independent research of the trade marketing market;
  • rating formation of trade marketing agencies and other areas essential for the industry.

"Retail in Russia has been developing for 20 years, and during this time, various trade-related business associations have appeared on the market. At the same time, they all have a different target audience, different goals and objectives, but it so happened that there was no trade marketing association. This discipline is responsible for customer engagement and retention while using a wide range of trade marketing tools such as merchandising, promotional activities, loyalty programs, motivation, audits, etc.

The peculiarity of trade marketing lies in the fact that its effectiveness depends on taking into account the interests and, more importantly, each of the market participants' expertise: both the manufacturer and the trading network, and, of course, those who implement a set of trade marketing activities – agencies. What is unique about our Association is precisely in the fact that we have collected all of them. I am sure this is the key to real and tangible results," said Dmitry Shikhov, acting president of the Trade Marketing Association.

Representatives of 23 companies attended the first meeting of the Association, including Mars, Essity, Colgate and other major players in the FMCG market, OPEN Group agencies, Leader Team, Action, TR-media and several others, as well as the Magnit retail chain.

Based on the meeting results, participants formed specialized working groups and prepared a work plan until the end of 2020.

If your field of activity is related to trade marketing tools, including merchandising, promotional activities, loyalty programs, and you are interested in participating in the work of the Association, you can contact the coordinator of the Association by phone or e-mail:

Alexandra Bertova, tel. +7 926 007-48-29,

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