Merchandising Audit

We conduct retail research on the state of trade with regular or one-time checks of outlets. We evaluate the quality of staff work or fulfilment of obligations under the contracts of your partners.

The retail audit is a set of measures to study the state of trade at a point of sale. It helps to understand how efficiently merchandisers work as well as sales at a specific point in general.

Goals and Objectives of Trade Audit

Competitor Product Analysis

Investigates competitors’ offers, pricing policies, marketing activities, numerical distribution and other parameters.

Merchandiser Work Analysis

Studies and evaluates compliance with the standards for product display according to planograms, the organization of shelf space, the quality and volume of the display, and other indicators.

Retail Outlet Control

A route planning system for merchandisers

What Is Assessed During Outlets’ Audit

The retail audit includes an assessment of the availability and quantity of products at a point of sale, the availability and relevance of price tags, and the state of commercial packaging of products.

Additionally, as part of the monitoring of retail chains, the auditor checks the availability of advertising and POS materials and evaluates the use of branded retail equipment.

They also investigate the compliance of product layout with merchandising standards, the availability of promotions and discounts, the work of staff during promo actions.

To Whom It Will Be Useful

Audit of outlets will help those who need to check the competitiveness of prices, the relevance of the assortment of outlets and the effectiveness of distribution and trade management. It will also be useful for those studying the structure of the market, its development and demand for a product in a particular region.

Based on the results of the retail audit, the company can make the necessary adjustments to the sales process and increase its qualitative and quantitative indicators. Additionally, a study of the state of trade will help to develop pricing and competition strategies.