Merchandising Outsourcing

We provide outsourcing merchandising services throughout Russia. We select staff for projects of any complexity and monitor the work of employees. We help to ensure the best places for the shopfitting, strict adherence to the planogram, rotation of goods. We exclude situations of Out of Stock.

We use innovative technologies to automate all processes - from recruiting to monitoring the work of the merchandiser and the availability of goods on the shelf. Depending on the scale and objectives of the project, we offer outsourcing merchandising services of various levels of complexity.

What Is Merchandising

Organization of shelf space following the planogram.

Analysis of the representation of competitors’ products.

Optimization of inventory in retail outlets, preventing a situation of shortage of goods.

Placement of POS materials, monitoring the availability of advertising materials at points of sale.

Providing detailed reports regularly, including photo and video reports. 

Types of merchandising

Helps to optimize the costs of merchandising services. With combined merchandising, one employee works with products from several manufacturers. It can be assigned to a single point or move along a special route while working with a small volume of commodity items.

With this type of merchandising service, the employee is responsible for different product groups’ positions to avoid misunderstanding or possible conflict situations between competitors.

Operation principle and advantages of combined merchandising:
  1. Merchandisers may not spend working hours moving between outlets.
  2. Merchandisers control the presentation of goods on the shelf during the day and can affect the volume of orders.
  3. Employees of outlets and the administration of the store are more loyal to merchandisers who support several brands.

With this type of service, one employee is assigned to one brand and visits several points during the working day accordingly with the planned route. This type of merchandising is more suitable for increasing sales in offline stores, mini- and supermarkets – the outlets that are within walking distance from each other.

Operation principle and advantages of visiting merchandising:
  1. We use the Territory Planner automatic routing system, allowing one merchandiser to visit more than ten outlets per day. The system offers optimal paths between points and helps to keep track of the work of mobile employees.
  2. With the help of the Territory Planner, you can plan the routes of the entire team of merchandisers and ensure work with the product in hundreds of stores every day.

With exclusive merchandising at points of sale, the merchandiser is assigned to one brand or product. This allows for work process optimization at point of sale, reducing employee time costs among other things.

Exclusive merchandiser becomes an expert on the product, so it provides the most efficient layout and frees time to solve additional tasks.

Operation principle and advantages of exclusive merchandising
  1. Merchandisers representing one company establish close contact with responsible employees of sales outlets.
  2. Monitors prices, product layout and competitors’ promotions.
  3. Track the movement of other goods and, if possible, expand the actual representation of products on store shelves.
  4. Constantly supervise the assortment matrix and maintain product rotation.

Merchandising service on exclusive terms may include a preparatory stage. In this case, the merchandising agency analyzes competitors and collects field marketing data. It helps to craft general strategy and merchandising work approaches at points of sale.

When implementing this service, it is determined what the POS equipment will be on the point, how and where it will be produced, how advertising materials and equipment will be delivered to outlets, who will be involved in their installation.

With technical merchandising at points of sale, a mobile team of employees:
  1. Coordinates with the outlets the appearance and placement conditions of the POS and retail structures.
  2. Provides storage for POS-materials and structures in retail outlets and beyond.
  3. Monitors, inventories and keeps records of equipment and POS materials.
  4. Monitors the cleanliness and working condition of equipment; repairs, transports and utilizes it.

Operation principle and advantages of technical merchandising:
  1. We work throughout Russia and assemble a separate team for each project. We provide technical personnel with permits for work of any complexity.
  2. We provide intra-city logistics and use the best warehouses in the country to store materials and equipment.
  3. We automate the accounting of logistic and warehouse operations using our digital products.