Mass Recruitment

Mass Recruitment

If you have such a difficult task as organizing a mass selection of personnel within the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost, then our company’s specialists will help you in resolving issues related to the search and selection of personnel of various qualifications.

We save your resources and work for the result!

The rapid development of the labour market dictates its own rules in the field of labour relations. The heterogeneous structure of hired personnel created the need in the individual methods and algorithms for selecting future employees. An exclusive search will be an excellent option for hiring top managers and highly qualified specialists; however, it will not allow you to hire sellers in a new supermarket or workers for the production workshop. In a situation where the company needs to close a large number of similar vacancies, we offer the procedure of mass selection of personnel.

Available Recruiting Services

On short notice, we will be able to equip the staff of your enterprise with motivated and suitable employees for all requirements. You no longer need to spend time posting vacancies, searching for job seekers and checking documentation. You just fill out an application – and let OPEN Group do the rest.
Mass recruitment services are in demand when opening large warehouse complexes, shopping centres, super- and hypermarkets, logistics centres, and manufacturing enterprises. We are also providing our services at seasonal peaks in consumer activity, during major exhibitions and events or promotions of new products and brands to the market.

Helping You Finding Sellers, Managers and Staff

Your projects will no longer “freeze” due to a lack of people. Turning to us, you can count on the fact that you will receive specialists of the qualifications and experience you need. We will conduct the mass recruitment of personnel in the following areas:

  1. Promoters;
  2. Merchandisers;
  3. Supervisors;
  4. Sales consultants;
  5. Office staff;
  6. Production and maintenance staff;
  7. Retail staff.

We compose questionnaires and personnel assessment systems individually, according to the requirements of customers.

How we are working

We achieve a quick search and recruitment of specialists of various qualifications by:

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Our database, which includes more than 220 thousand people;

Regularly tracking new resumes from the open sources and effectively interacting with the most promising candidates;

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Automation of the recruitment process - CRM system, automatic dialling to candidates.


Alternative search methods: targeted advertising, social networks, aggregators and bots.

Mass recruitment is an extremely important event, the planning and organization of which should be carried out exclusively by professional recruiters. We are capable of working effectively, clearly and accurately with each client.