Category Merchandising

What is Category Merchandising

With this type of merchandising, we act as a mediator between the outlet and the manufacturer, organizing a competent display of goods following a preliminary agreement between the parties. The category merchandising involves the work of a specialist with only one category or with several brands in the department at once.

The merchandiser can interact with several manufacturers or distributors, representing each of them equally.

Basic functionality:

  1. Laying out and maintaining a positional or block planogram
  2. Placing price tags and checking their relevance
  3. POSM placement and control of their relevance
  4. Out of stock alert
  5. Online reporting system

Additional functionality:

  1. Detection and correction of virtual residues
  2. Detection and correction of errors in the operation of auto-order
  3. Preparations for promotional activities
  4. Quality support of the promotion
  5. Making additional approaches to the calculation depending on the situation on the shelf
  6. Supply chain control


  1. The supplier does not pay for logistics
  2. Compliance with planograms does not depend on the frequency of visits
  3. Constant maintenance of the high level of OSA, which does not depend on visits by the merchandiser
  4. The maximum effect of the promo
  5. Guaranteed availability of POSM throughout the entire period of the promotion
  6. OOS exception
  7. Daily reporting from every point
  8. Three-way service quality control