BTL services

BTL is a set of influences on a specific consumer, equally effective for new and already well-known brands.

BTL tools — promotions and special offers, POS materials, loyalty programs, mailing lists, viral marketing and various events.

В Open a whole system of processes is added to the usual tools:

  • special staff;
  • online and digital mechanics;
  • comprehensive solutions;
  • managing expectations.

Recruitment of personnel


Promoters, promo models, supervisors, consultants, helpers, secret buyers. They will help to organize consultations, tastings, lotteries, audits, distribution of goods and advertising products.


Personal managers, promoters, consultants, brand ambassador. They will help to organize the promotion of a new brand, retail sales, use unusual communication channels (examples here).

Staff on request

We will find or train specialists for specific tasks and events. For example, promoters of a certain age, gender, profession, with knowledge of a foreign language or product features.


Staff from different categories usually increases the effect of an advertising company. OPEN Group employs more than 2000 different promo specialists who are ready to work at any time.

OPEN Group employs more than 2000 different promo specialists who are ready to work at any time.

Together with the promotional staff, a team of marketers, analysts, managers, developers and trainers works on each project.

Instruments OPEN

Sales consultant - promotes a product or service through consultations and sales in stores.

Brand ambassador - uses his social circle, SMM and promo codes for promotion.

Personal manager - organizes personal meetings with consumers, works with online sales registers with the stock of products.

We work with the company Nielsen is a leader in sales analytics.

  • internet surfing -analytics and processing of reviews and questions;
  • e-merchandising - checking information on marketplaces;
  • online consultant – video and text consultations in real time;
  • promo codes – search and attract consumers on the Internet and sales through promo codes.
  • robotic search and recruitment;
  • audio and video monitoring of the effectiveness of promotional personnel;
  • attracting a buyer without the participation of staff;
  • BI analytics and others.

Orep sets up the buyer's path from the first contact with the product to the moment of purchase. Our specialists will help you build a stable connection between a site with a contextual ad and a store.

Our system includes:

  • manage expectations;
  • transparency of payments and prices;
  • selection and design;
  • training and development of staff;
  • KPI and reporting;
  • pyramid of customer satisfaction.

How do we work?

Target audience analysis

We find out the needs of potential consumers and develop effective methods of influence.

Find out the type of event

Depending on the purpose and product, this can be a lottery, tasting, sampling or lifeling.

Counting expenses

We calculate the number of people, consumables, and the use of products.

Choosing a place and time

For example, the evening when people return from work, and a place near the point of sale.

We control all stages of the event. We comply with the customer's requirements, legal norms, monitor sales daily, conduct an audit. As a result, we form a report.

Our advantages

  1. We convey to the consumer full information about the product.
  2. We are increasing the popularity of our products. We are increasing the demand in a short time.< / li>
  3. We switch the attention of consumers from competitors ' products to our brand.
  4. We are promoting a new brand and maintaining its image.< / li>
  5. We are increasing the number of repeated purchases.
  6. We create an emotional attachment to the brand and its products among consumers.
  7. We position the product positively: value price.
  8. We conduct open reporting on each stage of work.

We provide services for organizing events on the territory of the Russian Federation, Europe and the CIS countries.

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Questions and answers

In which cities do you work with BTL?

There are no restrictions on cities, we work all over Russia – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, etc. Now, for example, we are active simultaneously in 161 cities

How are your works monitored? Is there any reporting?

We use an online reporting system (including backup reporting), an internal audit program, personnel certification, development and professional development using a Corporate university.

We work with additional control tools – IT PBX (call control), audio badges, audio audits

How long does it take to prepare a BTL project?

The standard period is from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the TOR (category of personnel, geography and amount of coverage)

How urgently can we start if necessary?

The launch dates are agreed individually, depending on the introductory information about the project. The launch is possible from one week, depending on the amount of coverage

How is the project launch going?
  • Immersion in the project, calculation of KP based on the brief and analysis
  • Roll-out, project launch plan
  • Contract conclusion
  • Calculation and timing of project launch preparation
  • Preparation for the launch (installation meetings, acceptance of the client's expertise, purchase/production of materials if necessary, personnel selection, training, team formation, pre-launch meetings)