Sampling products

Sampling as an effective method of increasing sales

Statistics show that 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product that they have already used. That is why sampling of products plays an important role - free distribution of samples and trial materials in order to advertise a specific product. The key to success in this type of promotion is the competent organization of the process.

Sampling varieties

There are 4 main strategies for this type of advertising:

  1. Horeca sampling. The method is used in restaurants, catering establishments, cafes and bars. This is evidenced by the name itself, which stands for Hotel - Restaurant - Cafe. The visitor is offered to taste a certain product, for example, a small portion of alcohol.
  2. Pack swap or Switch. It implies the exchange of half of the used product for a new one. It can be an unfinished pack of cigarettes, crackers, chewing gum.
  3. Wet sampling. In terms of the way of realization, this variety is similar to tasting. The buyer gets the opportunity to taste the advertised product: food (cheese, sausages), drink (juice, tea, coffee), cosmetic product (hand cream, perfume). You can taste it right next to the sampling table.
  4. Dry sampling. The consumer is provided with brief information about the product and offered to take a sample. This method is the most successful for sampling products from the beauty industry: shampoos, creams, hair conditioners. It can also be used for food, such as dispensing small, closed sachets of sauces. This is the only option for such a promotion that can be carried out without a promoter using mailing lists or other methods. However, even in such cases, you need to carefully approach the organization of the promotion.

The appropriate method is selected based on the scope of the company. It is also necessary to study the interests of the target audience and choose the most profitable place for the event.

Sampling efficiency

Free distribution of products is a fairly costly way to promote products, but the result will not be long in coming. According to research group Arbitron and Edison Media Research, 35% of consumers who receive a sample of a product purchase the full version on the same day. Of these, 24% replace the product they originally wanted to buy with the advertised one.

Thus, sampling as an advertising method:

  • encourages people to study the advertised product (81% of visitors approach the company's display because they want a sample or other gift);
  • gives customers the opportunity to feel the taste, smell, real impact of the product;
  • helps to increase customer loyalty.

The promotion also increases brand awareness and image.

Our approach to sampling

By itself, distributing probes does not guarantee a 100% result. For the campaign to be effective, it is necessary to pay attention to the organization of the event: hire trained personnel, arrange tables, prepare other equipment.

OPEN Group carries out sampling campaigns in Russia, CIS countries, Central and Southern Europe. How we organize events:

  1. We study the target audience and choose the most effective sampling method.
  2. We calculate financial costs.
  3. We determine the place and time for the promotion to be effective.
  4. We conduct an event, controlling every aspect of it.
  5. We draw up a report.

Our team consists of more than 2,000 experienced professionals. To make product sampling effective, we employ qualified marketers, promoters, and managers.