Organization of BTL-actions

BTL promotions to increase sales

BTL is a "below the line" marketing strategy that helps promote products on a more personal level than ATL's usual advertising. Such activities improve two-way interactions by building relationships between consumers and the brand. Carrying out BTL promotions quickly grabs the attention of the target audience and attracts potential customers. Their methods are confidently replacing advertising that reaches the consumer audience through traditional media channels, and are suitable for companies of different categories, from newcomers to brands that have managed to strengthen their position in the market.

Main types of BTL-promotions

The list of promotions that can be used as part of advertising campaigns:

  1. Lottery. Often the action is carried out as follows. The buyer is offered to register or fill out a questionnaire after purchasing a product or product. A person gets the opportunity to win a prize, which will be notified by phone or e-mail. This approach creates excitement in people, which prompts them to buy;
  2. Tasting. Mechanics aimed at promoting a new or updated product. The visitor has the opportunity to come to the tasting table and evaluate the taste of the product for free. This is an effective way to interest a potential buyer in a product that is not yet widely known;
  3. Sampling. The method is similar to tasting, but it can be used to promote products from different categories. As part of the promotion, the consumer receives a free sample of a face mask, a perfume sample, a miniature tea-infused sachet or other gift version of the advertised product.
  4. Lifting. A promotion involving the distribution of leaflets. Promoters give a short presentation and give a flyer with a promotional offer to a passing person. Distribution materials are designed according to the preferences of the target audience in order to interest people and stimulate them to read and buy.

A method that works in one case and targets a specific audience may not work in other situations. Tasting will be effective for promoting new food products, and sampling will be the best choice for advertising a cosmetic product or perfume. The choice of event depends on the scope of the company and global objectives.

Components of BTL promotions

A comprehensive approach is required for a successful campaign. When organizing events, we provide the following services:

  • we are developing the mechanics of activity;
  • we select promotional personnel (promoters, supervisors, consultants and other specialists);
  • we train employees and motivate them to work;
  • we are engaged in the production of POSM and the subsequent installation of equipment;
  • we order the necessary materials from manufacturers;
  • we provide correct logistics processes and storage;
  • we carry out a promotion.

OPEN Group clients can choose one specific service from the ones presented above or order a turnkey BTL promotion.

What do we offer:

  1. Huge staff. More than 2,000 trained promoters are ready to go to work tomorrow. We can attract standard, unique specialists and staff ""on demand"". Also, a team of marketers, analysts, project managers and other skilled workers is involved in each project.
  2. The use of digital tools. We use modern technologies for personnel search, reporting, analytics.
  3. Process monitoring. We plan all actions, carry out them in a systematic and structured manner.
  4. Wide geography. We carry out promotions in 18 countries of the CIS and Central Europe.

Among the priorities of OPEN Group is not only a high-quality BTL-promotion. We are responsible for increasing sales, so we solve the tasks with the best methods.

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