Organization of BTL-tastings

Organization of BTL-tasting

Once a product arrives at a store, it doesn't start selling on its own. Approximately one third of the total buyers do not like brand or product changes. The main reason is confidence in taste and characteristics. However, the majority of consumers (up to 60%) are ready to try new things and change their preferences. An effective way to influence customers is tasting. We know how to properly organize an event that will lead to an increase in sales.

Purpose of organizing tastings

These kinds of promotions are usually carried out in four cases:

  • at the beginning of sales of a product from a well-known manufacturer;
  • after product rebranding;
  • when a new brand appears on the market that does not yet have consumer loyalty;
  • when opening a retail outlet, grocery store, supermarket.

The main purpose of the BTL tasting is to tell visitors about a new product or seller, while at the same time encouraging them to purchase the product. Among other purposes of the promotion:

  • enhancing the image of a retailer or manufacturer;
  • switching buyers from competitors' products to their own products;
  • familiarization of potential customers with the positive qualities of the products.

The result is an increase in turnover.

Mechanics of BTL-tastings

The event is often held directly in the trading floor or at the entrance to the store, if we are talking about the opening of a new establishment in a shopping center. To select a place and time, an analysis of the target audience and the main preferences of buyers is carried out. For the promotion to be effective, it is necessary to take into account the permeability of the premises and choose the optimal point for installing the equipment.

Two promoters interact with visitors. One calls on to come up and try the product for free, the second stands at the tasting table and controls the process.

However, the organization of the event consists in the complex work of specialists of different profiles. Achieving the desired result is impossible without clear analytics, attracting qualified employees and introducing digital technologies.

How we are working?

The OPEN Group team structures all processes and subordinates them to the global goals of the project. When running a promotion, we:

  • we conduct training and motivate staff;
  • we purchase the necessary materials;
  • we provide competent logistics;
  • we manufacture and install equipment;
  • we are engaged in personnel administration.

Clients have the opportunity to order a promotion in a complex or choose a specific turnkey service. When forming the cost, we adhere to a flexible pricing policy.

Organization of the tasting

Each event is a clear, structured process. To conduct an effective event, we act according to the following algorithm:

  1. We conduct deep analytics. To maximize the impact on the consumer, it is necessary to take into account his interests, preferences, lifestyle, problems.
  2. Writing a plan. In order for the promotion to pay off after the event, and the ordering company does not incur financial losses, it is important to plan the costs of the event, the number of promoters involved, and the materials used. For tasting, the product itself is used directly, which is also taken into account when determining costs.
  3. We decide on the time and place. An important point on which the efficiency of the process depends. So, the result will be minimal if the tasting table is installed far from the shelves with the advertised product. It is necessary to carry out the promotion during the period when most of the consumers enter the outlet. At the same time, we start from the target audience for the advertising of goods. We are responsible not only for the process, but also for the result of sales and compliance with the set goals. As a result, we generate reports.