Outsourcing of production

Where to order quality services?

Today, outsourcing services are used by many companies, including those involved in the production and storage of products.

In a modern, rapidly changing economy, this approach is the most balanced, because allows avoiding a number of legal and technical risks, reducing operating costs for maintenance and management of auxiliary areas, avoiding expensive and not always justified investments in the automation of non-core processes.

When outsourcing auxiliary production and logistics functions, the customer gets the opportunity to focus on his main production activities and flexibly respond to changing demand by regulating production volumes and operations.

Outsourcing of production and logistics personnel for auxiliary and logistics work is a popular area in the service market.

These services are actively used at the stages of launching production, implementing internal logistics and warehouse processes, removing non-core activities from the staff, as well as in the presence of seasonal peaks.

When choosing a partner for outsourcing, it is important to comprehensively assess the Provider's capabilities and its potential development opportunities, since subsequently the quality of services and the implementation of the Customer's business plans will depend on this.

Over the past ten years, the IT industry has gone far ahead, forcing to integrate digital solutions into all aspects of business activities, including ancillary operations.

The presence of our own IT platforms for personnel administration, the implementation of digital training programs and control of the volume and parameters of the service provided are the key to sustainable development of the company and one of the indicators of the qualifications of a successful Provider.

The great advantage of the Provider is the possibility of organizing training for outsourcing personnel on the Customer's standards, the presence of a corporate university with a dedicated team of trainers and the possibility of regular knowledge testing.

Service models

Depending on his business needs, the Customer can choose one of the cooperation models for himself:

Providing temporary personnel under Federal Law 116

A limited by law service of hiring temporary employees to address the short-term needs of the Customer.

Service outsourcing BPA

Transfer of part of the site management functions while retaining the Customer's control functions and responsibility for the final result.

Service outsourcing BPO

Transfer to a site or function is at the sole responsibility of the Provider.

Production outsourcing in the company

As part of the outsourcing of production processes, the Provider undertakes the implementation of auxiliary operations in the production and warehouse cycle in the amount agreed upon with the Customer.

The most demanded operations that are usually outsourced are:

Stacking - packaging of finished products.

Transport of materials and finished products. Palletization.

Ancillary operations for the maintenance of the production cycle and equipment.

Bulkhead rejected products.
Tracking quality parameters.
Conducting inventories.

Warehouse and logistics operations related to acceptance, storage, sorting and dispatch of products and semi-finished products.

Sticker and order picking. Etc.

When providing services, a competent Provider must organize a number of processes:

  • Comprehensively and responsibly resolve all issues of health and safety organization at the entrusted service area - in accordance with the legislation and standards of the Customer;
  • Introduce an effective management and control system at service delivery areas;
  • Develop and implement operational cards, describe the standardization of the service;
  • Responsible for the quality of the services provided in accordance with the approved KPIs of the Customer;
  • Introduce an effective motivation system for linear outsourcing personnel, reflecting the main indicators of the tasks set by the Customer;
  • Effectively manage the supply chain associated with the implementation of the service;
  • Offer the Customer solutions to optimize the process;
  • Provide services in accordance with the legislation and standards of the Client;
  • Develop your competencies on the project, be proactive and offer comprehensive business solutions.

At each stage of services, the Provider should carry out detailed control, which allows regulating the timing and quality of the result. This is an additional incentive for hired workers and an increase in their sense of responsibility. For the Client - confidence in the stable and timely fulfillment of all tasks assigned to the Provider.

The advantage of ordering services from the Open Group

Choosing OPEN Group, the Customer receives the following benefits:

  • Current regional representation - more than 500 cities in the Russian Federation and 7 countries;
  • 20 years of successful experience in the Russian market in servicing large business enterprises;
  • More than 18,000 temporary employees on company projects / accumulated database;
  • Dedicated recruitment and training team capable of implementing a wide range of tasks in a short time;
  • Availability of our own Digital and IT solutions for our Customers and control over the implementation of service parameters and personnel training.

It is important for us:

  • Provision of services in strict accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation - Guarantee of high-quality provision of services with an understanding of the focus of the tasks;
  • Transparency of cooperation with the Customer - detailing the conditions to any level;
  • Competitiveness - the implementation of services with an understanding of the general competition in the market, the introduction of effective solutions and know-how;
  • Efficiency - fast implementation of the set goals, switching to new operations;
  • Stability and focus on leading positions in the market for the client.

By contacting OPEN Group, each Customer can be sure that his production process will be entrusted to responsible employees who have undergone specialized training. All this is a guarantee of a quality result provided on time.