Image Recognition


We use Skolkovo residents’ development Intelligence Retail to automatically recognize images. Compared to similar foreign developments, it is cheaper and tuned for the Russian market.

Intelligence Retail controls the assortment of goods on the shelves in retail outlets, compliance with the rules goods display, price tags relevance and storefronts design in retail outlets.
  1. The recognition accuracy is about 95%.
  2. Self-learning algorithms – the system can be configured to recognize almost any packaged product.
  3. Recognition by various parameters: logo, color, shape, packaging type, etc.
  4. Online retrieval of goods display analysis results in real time – within 10 minutes.
  5. Multi-user simultaneous access to the program via mobile application.
  6. Data protection and access rights differentiation.

How the system works

  1. An employee photographs layout of goods.
  2. The system recognizes the goods, price tags and visit KPI achievement.
  3. Notifies the employee of violations in goods display according to the planogram of the brand.