Smart shelf system


OPEN “smart” shelves system is equipped with light sensors allowing for a detection of changes in quantities of products on them and their distribution across the surface, easily assessing the amount of goods left and how they are positioned on shelves. If a shelf needs restocking, the system sends a notification on the current status in the system and then a notifications to the employee’s smartphone or e-mail address may be set so they can outlay or order goods.

Our solution not only eliminates the situations when the goods are missing from the first line or altogether, but also notifies of a critical reduction in customer flow and low efficiency of a certain sales point. 


  1. Elimination of OOS (out-of-stock).

  2. Increase of OSA (on shelf availability).

  3. Low installation costs and operating simplicity (adaptivity for all kinds and shapes of shelves, lack of dependence from temperature of premise or equipment and level of illumination).

  4. An option to adapt to SKU size in the category and size of the shelf.

  5. Easily interoperates with other solutions (for example, image recognition system).

There are other “smart” shelf solution in the market, including those based on weight sensors. Major disadvantages of such solution are high installation costs and possible miscalculations. Such smart shelves can detect that the product is out of stock or display the amount left but they can’t identify the wrong product on shelf from the same product line and with identical weight. Moreover, this system is not applicable with every product category, for example, if a product is too light the sensor may not detect it at all or after a long period of heavy product storage (beer category or dog food) the equipment needs calibration.