Chat Bots


Each company, as the scope of its activities grows, begins to experience problems. The problem OPEN faced as its headcount grew is ensuring quick and thorough information delivery to certain practitioners. 

The solution emerged rather quickly. Business Support OPEN team found it in using chat-bots based on messengers. The algorithm is simple – you have a question, you address to Viber or Telegram, choosing what is most convenient to you. And you get the answer immediately. This solution is as simple as it gets but is effective in working out all matters associated with planograms, educational resources of all kinds and also undertakes the new units. Now the company delivers the information to the employees on vacancies that exists within projects and gets the necessary feedback: how good is supervisors’ management, whether they know professional regulations, whether they know where to go on vacation, which references they are able to get, etc.

It’s been a year since the first chat-bot was introduced. Today this instrument has been launched on all projects, including JTI, Magnit, Danone, Mars, Unilever, BAT and PepsiCo. Inference can already be drawn that the launch of new projects goes easier and more smoothly if a chat-bot is installed. Over the current period the application domain of the chat-bot has expanded into the all processes that exist within the company – mass recruitment, outplacement, getting feedback from the employees in the remote regions.

On a short-term horizon, OPEN plans to: firstly, achieve 100% personnel coverage with this service; secondly, work not exclusively with static information, such as educational content, vacancies, but also with employees’ performance, assigning certain objectives to each sales point and area.

The company’s goal is to ensure a targeted approach to every employee.